UNI Med Finance was founded in Cyprus on May 31st 2016, during the meeting hosted by ETYK Cypriot Trade Union.
Mauro Bossola. Deputy Secretary General from FABI, was appointed as President of the organization.
He was elected by representatives of the banking trade unions from Spain, Portugal, Italy, Malta, Greece and Cyprus. The assembly, followed the World Congress of UNI Finance which was held in Antalya in Turkey in October 2015, during which the foundations had been laid for the reactivation, after years, its structure to the Mediterranean countries.
The new structure related immediately to UNI Europa bringing proposals in the Mediterranean area representation in particular with regard to the study on the impacts of digitization in the financial sector.
On the same occasion were appointed as Vice Presidents Loizos Hadjicostis (Etyk - Cyprus) and William Portelli (Mube - Malta); as Secretary was elected Mario Ongaro from Fisac Cgil.

In June 2019, the General Conference held in Rhodes (GR) ended with the elections of the new UNI Med Finance President and Executive Board Mr. William Portelli, President of MUBE Malta was appointed as the new UMF President with Mr. Stavros Koukos from OTOE- Greece and Ms. Canan Cevikbas from BASISEN – Turkey being confirmed as Vice-Presidents. The new President of UMF then followed up the renewal process of the management board by supporting the nomination of Mr. Filippo Arena from FIRST-CISL- Italy as the new General Secretary.

Sindacato dos Bancarios do Sul e ilhas

FABI - Federazione Autonoma Bancari Italiani (ITA)
FABI - Federazione Autonoma Bancari Italiani (ENG)

Fisac - CGIL

First - CISL




ETYK - Cyprus Union of Bank Employees

MUBE Malta Union of Bank Employess

The purpose of the UMF is to:
  • Promote the interests of the member organizations in international cooperation within the South European countries, with other Mediterranean countries as well as on a global level
  • Promote sustainable development of the financial sectors
  • Promote unity and solidarity among UMF members
  • Promote equality and diversity in the financial sectors and in international cooperation (gender, competence, education, religion, ethnicity etc.)
  • Promote cooperation with other organizations with similar interests as UMF
  • Be able to talk with "one voice in Europe" giving opinions in social and political matters which involve affiliate's interests.
UMF is independent from any political party.

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