UNI Med Finance, first General Conference

On may 29 and 30 was held in Palermo (ITA) the first UNI Med Finance General Conference, after the birth of the new organism occurred in Cyprus on May 31st 2016

Following the birth of this new structure last year in May, the first UNI Med Finance General Conference took place on May 29-30th in Palermo, Italy. As part of UNI Europa Finance, UNI MED Finance gathers the Union representatives of the banking and financial sectors of the Euro-Mediterranean countries. UMF President Mauro Bossola (Italy) and General Secretary Mario Ongaro (Italy), opened the meeting with greetings provided by the local Unions.



The full Agenda defined priorities and took decisions for the future of the workers represented in UNI Finance Area III through focus on the relevance of the Capital Market Union, The Future world of work, EWCs, Trade Union Alliances and Digitalisation. For more details and the full press release, please the related files section.

The opening was held by UMF President Mauro Bossola (Italy) and General Secretary Mario Ongaro (Italy), with greetings provided by local Unions.
The first presentation was addressed to the Congress, by Giulia Porino - Membership, Outreach and Expertise Coordinator, Finance Watch.
The speech entitled “Capital Market Union: changes and challenges for the South European Finance System”, was discussed in a Round Table formed by Rui Riso (Portugal), Chirstos Papadogiannis (Greece) and Anna Maria Romano (Italy).

After the Round Table the conference was enriched by a presentation performed by Christina J. Colclough - Senior Advisor, Communications – digitalization, trade & climate change UNIGlobal.
The speech entitled “The Future of Work and its implications for the Service Sector” was discussed in a Round Table formed by the UMF Vice President William Portelli (Malta), Renato Pellegrini (Italy) and Aleardo Pelacchi (Italy).

The afternoon session was dedicated to the Round Table: “How to enforce EWC’s and TUA’s relationships in a Trans- Mediterranean perspective” with special guest speaker Angelo Di Cristo – Head of UniFinance UNIGlobal and reps from Financial EWC belonging to Spain, France and Italy.

The Round Table was managed and chaired by Mario Ongaro, UMF General Secretary, and participated by Francesco Colasuonno, Unicredit Group EWC President, Silvia Romano, Bnp-Paribas EWC Vice-Secretary, Antonio Sciumbata, Bnp-Paribas EWC Member, Monica Brugnoli, Barclays EWC SelCo Member, Marcello Carcereri, Santander EWC Member and Corine Ferreira, AXA T.U.A. member. In the second day Angelo Di Cristo, Head of UniFinance UNIGlobal,
addressed the Conference speaking about the challenges for Trade Unions in the financial sector at a global level, underlining the need for the affiliates to focus their attention on new processes coming from digitalization of the whole service sector.

Mauro Bossola, UMF President, presented a short history of the events that brought to the birth of the new Organism and the Annual Report 2016-2017 about UMF Activities during the year.


The second day works ended with Country’s Report by Unions from Area III
Meral Guenec and Canan Cevikbas from Turkey, presented the evolution and the impact on branches of the digitalization in the homeland financial sector.
Stavros Koukos (Greece) spoke on the current Greek situation and on consequences that could be rolled out toward all Mediterranean countries in particular with the application of the BRRD regulation.

UMF Vice President William Portelli (MUBE) announced that the next UMF Management Board could be held in La
Valletta (Malta) in September 2017