UNI Europa Finance: Digitalization impact on Insurance Sector

UNI Europa Finance signed a declaration on digitalization, with Insurance sector employe

A joint declaration of the European social partners in the insurance sector on the social effects of digitalisation has been signed on 12 October 2016. The declaration commits social partners on both sides to cooperate when it comes to tackle the challenge of businesses’ digital transformation. More specifically, collective bargaining and social dialogue must be key elements in this rapid change.

The declaration points out that the implementation of technological change does not happen in a legal void, but that relevant European legislation is already in place, for example when it comes to information and consultation of employees but also on issues such as data protection. The declaration picks up on practical problems: Further training, mobile work, structural changes in the company, leadership and management in a digital age as well as employees’ representation in a digital age.


Michael Budolfsen, UNI Europa Finance President, and Elke Maes, UNI Europa Finance coordinator for the Insurance Social Dialogue, signed on behalf of the trade union side.

They welcomed the declaration as an important step in the discussion on digitalisation, especially in a time where news headlines are dominated by mass redundancy announcements in banks and insurance companies. Many UNI Europa Finance affiliates are very concerned about these developments. The declaration clearly states that redundancies should be the last resort in a restructuring process. UNI Europa Finance made it clear to the employers’ side that this aspect is key for “Dealing in a social way with the digital structural change”, as mentioned in the declaration. They called upon the employers to follow up the commitment on paper with concrete action now.

All signatories committed to disseminate this successful outcome of the European social dialogue widely to their constituencies at national and company level.


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